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6 Simple Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Bedroom

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Small bedrooms don’t require you to wedge in tons of furniture and decor just to make them cozy. But while they already feel cozy by themselves, they aren’t exactly the easiest to decorate.

Limited space means limited design choices. Without a doubt, such a bedroom can get frustrating to arrange.

Despite being tricky to decorate, small rooms can look bigger with a few design hacks. No need to break down the walls with a sledgehammer, no need to do a major makeover.

In this post, we’ll help you maximize the space in your small bedroom–without sacrificing your taste or throwing out your existing furniture

Let There Be Light

The first tip doesn’t require any purchases. Just draw the curtains aside and allow natural light to permeate your bedroom.

Filling your room with sunlight can do wonders for your space. It gives off a feeling of being out in the open. Plus, you can cut down your electricity bills by making the most of daylight.

And instead of using thick, dark draperies, you might want to dress your windows with delicate sheer or tulle curtains. That way, you can still let in light while maintaining a sense of privacy in your bedroom.

Use Mirrors

One space-maximizing trick that most interior designers swear by? Putting up reflective surfaces, a.k.a. mirrors.

Reflective surfaces are the secret to brightening up a space and creating a visual illusion of more space. The more mirrors you have, the wider your bedroom will look.

So rather than getting a massive piece of artwork, choose a standing mirror and place it across your window. Doing so will bring in more natural light and reflect the greenery outside your apartment.

Keep Clutter Out of Sight

Have a clutter-filled bedroom? You don’t have to throw all the junk away. Sweep it under the rug, or in this case, hide it all away.

There’s no need to buy a set of drawers just to have more room to hide your things in. If you have a closet, try to come up with an organization system to make the most of your existing storage space.

Choose Neutral Accents

Dark colors can give a room a cramped appearance. Light, subdued tones, on the other hand, open up a space as they give off an airy feel.

So when purchasing bed covers, rugs, pillow covers, and furniture, you might want to go for neutral colors, like beige, white, gray, and taupe.  

Mount It Up

Another way to make your small bedroom look bigger? Draw the eye up using a creative distraction: mounted decor or furniture.

If you want to illuminate your space, don’t get floor lamps. Instead, install light fixtures on the ceiling or wall to save floor space.

Or rather than bringing in a huge, bulky bookshelf, consider mounting open shelves on the wall and putting statement pieces, along with your books, on them.

Consider Versatile Furniture

Maximizing the space in a small room doesn’t mean avoiding any furniture purchases. It’s all about picking the right furniture choices. More specifically, choose multifunctional ones.

Want a bedroom bench to serve as a catchall for clothes? Find a storage ottoman with a removable lid. Need a desk where you can work on your laptop? Get a Murphy table that doubles as a shelving unit.

Again, we aren’t saying that you should avoid bringing in more things. If you want to make your room feel larger, it all boils down to carefully hand-picking your bedroom decor purchases.

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